Master Classes

Master Classes will be open for registration beginning Feb. 1st. Classes are $15 for an individual class; $70 Full Festival Pass (8 classes including youth classes on Sunday), $60 Friday/Saturday Pass (6 classes), $55 Saturday Pass (4 classes), $24 Friday or Sunday pass (2 classes)

Friday, March 9

A Point - A Line Master Class

This class is a guided improvisation that draws on aspects of Forsythe's Improvisation Technologies to investigate possibilities of personal movement vocabularies. After experimenting with several tools/concepts, time will be designated for the creation of phrases that capture results of the process.

Advanced Modern Technique Master Class

Margi Cole’s technique class is designed to emphasize conditioning, coordination, alignment, clarity, rhythm and artistry. All of this is best achieved through and with honest effort. Informed by her training in classical ballet, Limon, Cunningham, Graham and release based technique that she calls the “Margi Style”. Class starts on the floor and continues with exercises standing and moving across the floor. The class is designed around an infrastructure of principles that include articulation of the spine, finding the supporting leg, dropping your weight, changing direction, falling through space and efficiently moving in and out of the floor. These ideas are then further supported by the use of mixed rhythms, strong imagery and a desire to find the spaces in between really specific forms, which is where the real “dancing” is happening."

Saturday, March 10

Horton Technique Master Class

With the aid of African, Arabian, and Asian influenced percussive music; we explore the western modern dance technique of Lester Horton. Used to strengthen the various muscles and joints (including and not limited to lower back, abdominals, oblique, quadriceps, gluteus, knees and ankles) of the body (all bodies), with its fortifications, preludes and hinge studies; the body will be awakened to the limitations that have been set and how with projection, breath, and the eyes, we can re-define the possibilities and range of our movement.

The Ins & Outs of Breathing Master Class

This class will focus on using breath to find a greater range of expression, to interrupt habitual movement phrasing tendencies, and develop greater connectivity when working with a partner. Starting with a short Feldenkrais Method based Awareness Through Movement lesson, students will find ways to identify their accustomed breath patterning, as well as explore other possible patterns. The class will also explore using breath as a phrasing mechanism, an approach based on composer Norma Dalby’s Breath Phrasing compositional technique, as well as take these discoveries into working with partners to further challenge and expand our dancing possibilities.

Contemporary Modern Technique Master Class

This class is designed to enhance technique for students/professionals interested in applying physical proficiency and performance skills to movement phrases. Along with expanding kinesthetic awareness, musicality, body strength and flexibility, there is a focus on dance as dynamic artistry.

Wisecracking Master Class

Come explore and create using your humor as a guide (or you can borrow ours). This class will highlight the eccentric and peculiar in day-to-day life through dance improvisation, partnering, and choreography. We will use games and theories as a means to generate new choreography, performance structures, and character development. Please note: this class will be fun.

Sunday, March 11

Youth Contemporary Modern Technique Master Class

With an emphasis on artistic exploration, this class is a fusion of classical modern techniques, improvisational structures, and the athletic and musically-driven style of the New York-based company Smashworks Dance Collective. Dancers begin with a technical warm-up in the center, intermixed with improvisational moments that allow students to test physical boundaries while focusing on intention and dynamics. Class progresses across the floor with fast-paced floor work and full body movement. Finishing off in the center, dancers learn a phrase and explore the possibilities within it as McQueen creates space for variation, improvisation, and physical contact. 

Youth Contemporary Technique Master Class

When The Beat Drops-A dynamic movement class designed to explore contemporary dance through an urban lens. This 1.25 hr class, drawing inspiration from music & rhythm, encourages dancers to color their movement while using their body as an instrument for non-verbal communication. Beginning with exercises focused on release technique, alignment, flexibility & strength, and musicality, the class evolves into a full out improv jam, with the goal of understanding that a dancers' movement is as important as Beyonce's vocal chords or Ed Sherran's guitar. The class also features repertory from PROJECT 44, an all-male dance group based in New York City.