Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

Come to the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts (K.I.A.) on Saturday, March 10, at 4:00pm and see the award-winning screendances the jury panel have selected for the 2018 RAD Festival. Admission is free, and audience members will have access to a concession stand. Screendance at the K.I.A. will run about an hour, which will provide plenty of time to catch dinner at a downtown restaurant before heading over to the Epic Center (two city blocks from the K.I.A.) for the 2018 RAD Festival live performances! For information on the selected screendance artists, visit the artist line-up tab.About the K.I.A.The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts is a nonprofit art museum and school. Since 1924, the institute has offered art classes, exhibitions, lectures, events, activities and a permanent collection. The institute believes the arts are for everyone, that they inspire, transform and fulfill. Their mission is to cultivate the creation and appreciation of the visual arts in West Michigan.